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Accounting of corporation and partnerships

Focus on your business and forget about accounting. We’ll take care of everything!


Our accountants have time to think about your company

Your accountant counts well? And they even come out number of that. We think more and give you results.

We will choose the best form of taxation

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. We specialize in the latter.

We will transfer your business to the digital world

We use technology like a NASA. We automate everything what a human does not have to do.

Accounting for companies – it’s easy as never with us!

Accounting for companies is a key issue for running a business in Poland. At Altera.co we will help you organize it in a transparent way!

Why is it worth entrusting full accounting for companies to a professional company?

Altera is a team of professionals in which we are well aware that time is money. That is why we focus on optimizing the accounting process so that it is not time-consuming and burdensome for your company. We communicate with clients mainly by phone and e-mail, because thanks to this our cooperation may be the most effective. The most important thing is that we will take care of your accounting from now on!

The next step will be to take over all the books and necessary documents so that we can start working immediately. After reviewing the client’s documentation, we will optimize accounting, HR and payroll processes as well as reporting rules.

We perform activities for our clients, such as:


Calculation of payroll and salaries.


Posting of economic events.


Sending reports to ZUS.


Accounting closure of the month.


Reporting of settlements.


Verification of documents by the chief accountant.


Sending the declaration to the Tax Office.


Preparation of financial and management reports.

Meet the New Dimension of Accounting

100% remotely

✔ 24h data access.
✔ We work only online.
✔ Significant time savings.


Proactive accountants

✔ We are constantly looking for new solutions.
✔ We inform about changes in the law.
✔ Quick contact with our specialists.

Business Consulting

✔ We will reduce costs.
✔ We will select the forms of taxation.
✔ We will answer your questions about e.g. leasing, renting.

Own application

✔ Application for invoicing.
✔ Expansion with additional functionalities, incl. debt collection, reporting, financial controlling.

Tax and legal support

✔ Law and tax specialists.
✔ Confidence that your business operates in accordance with the currently prevailing law.

Comprehensive services

✔ We work with many partners who will bring additional value to your business.

Transparent fees

✔ Simple pricing.
✔ You know in advance how much you will pay.
✔ No hidden extra costs.

Partnership relations

✔ Your success is our success.
✔ You are an important business partner for us.

We are ECO

✔ No binders or documents.
✔ Data is stored in the cloud.

Save time

✔ We shorten your time on accounting matters.
✔ We automate everything we can.
✔ Online access to accounting data.

Data safety

✔ Banking level of security.
✔ Use of cloud solutions.
✔ Internal IT department.

We are guided by 3 values

✔ Reliability – reliably and on time.
✔ Efficiency – technology works for us.
✔ Flexibility – efficient communication.

Set up a private limited company for 999 zł 1 PLN* with Altera!

Our specialists will help you set up a private limited company. She will be under the care of an accountant from the very first day!

* Remuneration for the service under the promotion is PLN 1 net and applies only to persons who will be entered into by the established company with Altera Sp. z o.o. an agreement of comprehensive accounting, HR and payroll services for a minimum period of 6 months. For other entities, the remuneration is PLN 999 net. The amount does not include the VAT due.

What our clients say about us?

“As a creative Social Media Agency, we were looking for an equally creative accounting company. We learned about the Altera company from our entrepreneur friend in the business group.

The very first telephone conversation with the owner of Altera showed us that this is the accounting company that we Toucany are looking for. What we liked was, first of all, enormous commitment, loose, friendly communication that we appreciate and prefer in our company, as well as a modern and automated approach to accounting.

In addition to keeping current accounting, the Altera company was committed to repairing the shortcomings of the previous accounting office. In cooperation, we value, above all, constant contact and the fact that when we have a question or a problem, we get an answer and the right solution.

And what is most important to us, entrepreneurs and owners, is that we do not have to think about our accounting, because we know that our Altera accounting firm does it well. So if you are an entrepreneur and you want to sleep well and know that your accounting is well kept, we sincerely recommend you to use the accounting services of Altera’s accounting office. „

Michał i Olga
Toucan Agency owners

„Thanks to Altera, I know that my company is in good hands and I can sleep well without checking every month if everything is correct. In connection with running an e-commerce business, I had a lot of questions and doubts about the settlement of goods – Altera helped me clarify them and the accountant who looks after me always has time for me and I do not feel like an intruder, but a business partner.”

Decou Madlen

„I thought about choosing the right accounting office for a long time. I demand a lot. I want to feel that being a small client, I will be served just as well as the largest client. And so far Altera perfectly fulfills my assumption. Everything is on time from the accounting side. Communication at a high level. A few tips about my company (IT industry) very helpful! I recommend.”

Damian Janiak
IT industry

„I recommend it, I like their approach to cooperation – after all, I feel like a customer, partner, not a petitioner.”

Tomasz Januszewski
RES industry

„I was looking for a good office for a limited liability company A friend recommended Alter to me. From the very beginning, I noticed professionalism in the approach to me – which I pay attention to very much. I thought that the price would be too high for me, but here also Altera surprised me in plus. The proposed prices are ok and what is important, I can see the differences between the old office and the new one. They told me a lot about the company. Keep it up!”

Jakub Cieszyński

„Great people, young staff and professionalism. I recommend!”

Tomasz Pawliczak
service industry

„I recommend Altera’s accounting services! After all, the accountants who work there understand my industry and business. I was afraid of changing the accounting. But Altera carried out the entire implementation stage very smoothly. Today I feel that I am in good hands and that I do not have to worry about my accounting.”

IT industry


Overall assessment of the level of satisfaction of our customers

We conducted a survey among our clients to check the level of satisfaction with our services. This is the average of the following four indicators:

  • Overall professionalism 90% 90%
  • Quality of information 96% 96%
  • Implementation process 92% 92%
  • Response time 80% 80%

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